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undefinedThey say ‘the grass is greener on the other side.'  Sometimes, it's true.

At PKF Texas, we know that conversations about life/work balance are everywhere but the actual balance can be hard to come by. 

We've developed a culture centered on life/work balance. We're a successful, collaborative team of individuals who are interested in facing new challenges together. Many of our team members say PKF Texas is more like a family, which is one of the reasons PKF Texas has been recognized as one of Houston's Best Places to Work.

We are not a CPA firm with a ‘business as usual' mindset. In fact, we want to be unusual in our profession.  We are committed to offering our team members rich professional experiences that expand their abilities and unlock their ambitions:

  • PKF - People the Key to our Future®.  We seek to hire and keep those who share our passion for work – and life. We maximize flexibility (flex-time, flex-place, flexible hours).

  • Leadership development – Shared decision-making through our taskforces, practice growth activities using your individual skills and deep-dive training.

  • Life-long learning – Through our in-house PKF University and our PKF and Leading Edge alliances.

  • Continuous improvement of processes and skills – Our people know they will be required – not just asked – to continually exceed our client expectations and be innovators among your peers.

  • Client selection and retention process – PKF Texas wants to work with the best, and has the courage to transition clients who drain our team members' energy, or put PKF Texas in questionable positions.

  • Technology – Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, from our boardroom to remote workstations, to employee performance software shows our commitment to invest in the tools you need to excel.


Clicking on "Ask Anyone." takes you to our corporate LinkedIn page, where we encourage you to pick an employee (or five) and ask them about us. It's your turn to interview us.

Heard enough? Apply to work for us.

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