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The Recruiting Process

undefinedThe recruiting process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Armed with the right information and knowledge of when key milestones happen, you can navigate the process to determine which firm might be the best fit for you.

What's first?

Do your research and get to know us! Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to focus on audit or tax?
  • What city do I want to live and work in?
  • What size firm do I want to work for?
  • What is the ideal culture I'm looking for?

Attend the events the firms hold on campus in the fall and spring. This is a great way to get a feel for personality of the firm.

At PKF Texas, you can Ask Anyone about what it's like to work here. You can get to know us through our social media accounts:

Wordpress Hear from our thought leaders on our blog,
Follow us (@PKFTexas) to find out what we’re up to, news which may impact business and more.
YouTube Catch our latest Thought Leader Production videos, Director Previews and other video content. Some are fun, some are educational and all give you a feel for our firm and what we can do for you.
LinkedIn Connect to our firm and our team. If you are a recruit, ask them what it’s like to work here.
Flickr We like to have fun at PKF Texas, follow us on flickr to access our photos and see us in action!

I've done my research, now what?

It's on-campus interview time! If you attend Baylor University, Texas A&M University or the University of Houston, start looking in January on your university's career center page for each firm's available internship positions. You'll apply for one position at each firm you are interested in. Invitations for on-campus interviews are sent out mid-spring. PKF Texas will be assigned a designated day on your campus, where we will conduct interviews. If you attend a school other than those mentioned, please reach out to Mandi Fields for more information. In the meantime, continue to attend events!

My on-campus interview went well, when will I hear about an office visit?

Shortly after on-campus interviews, the invitations are extended for the much anticipated office visits. Office visits traditionally take place in the second half of May, depending on your school's schedule. This is your opportunity to see the firms' offices, get a better feel for the people and firm culture, as well as let us get to know you even better. You'll see some familiar faces of the team members you've gotten to know through the recruiting process and you'll meet new team members of all levels during your time in the office. At PKF Texas, you'll spend most of your day with us, hearing from all levels of the firm, as well as taking part in formal interviews.

Don't forget!

Relax, take a breath, and be yourself throughout the recruiting process! We want to get to know the real you! Some tips our recruiters have shared over the years include:

  • Smile!
  • Have questions ready for us. Ask about our experiences working at the firm.
  • Take a look at our blog, The CPA Desk and our website (you're already here if you're reading this, so take a couple minutes and dive into some other sections of the site).
  • Dress equal to or a notch above what's appropriate for the venue. For example, if you're at a dinner, nice pants and a shirt are fine (we call this business casual). If you're in the office, a suit would be appropriate (this is business professional).
  • Focus on the firm which fits you! Try not to be swayed by others. After all, it's you who will be doing the job.

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