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Why Choose PKF Texas?

di.a.logue or di.a.log

1. A conversation between two or more people.

2. An exchange of ideas or opinions.

We asked our team why they work at PKF Texas. Here’s what they said:

“I had submitted my resume from Illinois - pretty much based on PKF Texas being among the largest firms here in Houston, and other than not wanting to work for the ‘Big 4’. I have been so pleasantly surprised by the opportunities available with the firm, the wonderful people and pleasant working atmosphere, the quality of the work that we do, the clients that I have had the opportunity to work with, and especially management's tone of truly wanting to make this the "best place to work". I can't imagine another firm having more to offer.” 

"What I like about working at PKF Texas is that the firm is always looking ahead and really 'put its money where its mouth is' when it comes to putting people first. There is a tangible, measurable effort going on every day all around me to improve both my performance and my experience as an employee of the firm – that’s great for me and for our clients!"

“A collaborative, trusting, nurturing, challenging involvement where people can make a difference in the organization's success and be recognized for their contributions.”

“I have been a member of the PKF Texas team for almost six years. There is no doubt in my mind that choosing PKF Texas as my career development platform was one of the best choices of my life.”

“Because people are intellectually challenged and differences of opinion are often celebrated as opportunities for change, people develop fast here and they tend to like what they are doing.”

“Whether you are a staff member or director, all personnel are treated as if they were part of a family.”

“We have built a strong culture of performance and professionalism -- while not forgetting to enjoy what we do and have fun.”

“Feels like home.”

“In addition to the collaborative nature of the firm, there is a deep respect for the individual person here at our firm. As a mother, I am challenged to balance my work and home priorities. I have truly found a home here. This firm creates an atmosphere where work/life balance is not only possible but is celebrated.” 

“PKF Texas is a company that I know will always look out for my best interests as an employee.”

“This is a great place to work! I tell my friends about it all the time!!”

“There is an open door policy at our office that very few public accounting firms have. We are able to communicate without feeling like we don't matter. We are able to participate in recruiting, interviewing, networking and other responsibilities usually reserved for managers. This makes staff and senior level employees feel they are making a contribution to the firm.”


Clicking on "Ask Anyone." takes you to our corporate LinkedIn page, where we encourage you to pick an employee (or five) and ask them about us. It's your turn to interview us.

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