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Forensic Accounting Aids D.A. Prosecution of Fraud

Forensic Accounting Aids District Attorney's Prosecution for Manufacturer

Houston based manufacturing and distribution company, 50+ employees in two states

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We completed a forensics/fraud investigation to determine the extent of the theft and to provide appropriate documentation to aid the district attorney in the prosecution of the individual.

It was determined through our forensic investigation that the employee was indeed taking company funds. The employee took $45,000 from the company over a period of one and one-half years. We worked with the outside counsel to document the findings, so the employee could be prosecuted by the local district attorney.

We recommended specific changes and additions to their internal controls to reduce the likelihood of this type of fraud occurring again within this company.

Owner of the company had indications through an outside audit that the Vice President of Finance may have been stealing company funds. The employee was in a trusted position and through deceit and cover-up had been paying himself/herself additional bonuses through payroll and issuing checks in his/her own name.

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