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Healthy Start Package

Start on the Right Path

Getting a new business off the ground is exhilarating, but entrepreneurs often find themselves overwhelmed by the many financial decisions they must address during the first year of operation. That's where the PKF Texas' Entrepreneurial Advisory Services (EAS) Group can help. 

For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing entrepreneurs with business advisory and accounting needs so they can focus on operating their businesses more profitably. We’ve tailored a menu of services that are crucial to this stage of your business into one package, which not only positions your company for growth, but it also builds the solid foundation which is attractive to bankers, stakeholders or venture capitalists.

We’ve combined common startup issues such as entity selection and tax filing assistance with software application selection and internal control procedures. These services are then coupled with value-added bonuses such as unlimited phone calls and emails related to your engagement, and quality referrals of other service providers that may be a good fit for your company. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a Healthy Start for your new business that is scalable as you grow and meet your company's milestones.

The Healthy Start Package® helps entrepreneurs:

  • Establish your financial statement format and chart of accounts
  • Regularly scheduled re-evaluation “checkups”
  • Provide the company with timely and accurate financial information
  • Establish closing procedures and deadlines

We also have an International Healthy Start Package with a tailored menu of services that we believe are crucial to the early stages of your international business.

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