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Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims Consulting

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill has impacted many throughout the Gulf Coast region. You may not think you were affected, but it's worth investigating if your business is located within one or more of the economic loss zones in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida or Texas.

When dealing with something as technical and important to your business as joining a class action suit and filing a settlement claim, you want to work with people you trust. We have thoroughly reviewed and understand the elements of the Deepwater Horizon settlement and business economic claims process. Our staff has experience with filing claims of this nature.

We use a proprietary claims process model in compliance with settlement terms to help business owners identify business economic losses in relation to the settlement and provide the information they need when deciding to file a claim.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your claim, should damages be awarded by the claims administrator, a portion of the accounting fees may be considered reimbursable as detailed in the settlement agreement.

Thought Leader Publications:

Dates to remember for Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims

Documents needed to file a Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claim 

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It will be our pleasure to answer questions you may have about a potential Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claim.

Please Note: This is NOT the Court Authorized Settlement website. You can find more information about the Settlement program through the official website at

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