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Property Tax Abatement

“Business Expansion: Job Creation and Capital Investment”

Texas communities have powerful business incentive tools in property tax abatements and property value limitations for businesses expanding or locating in Texas.

The Texas Legislature has created a property tax incentive which allows cities, counties and other participating taxing entities to abate up to 100% of ad valorem (property tax) for up to 10 years. This is a powerful incentive for businesses considering expansion in Texas and may amount to millions of dollars in tax savings. In addition to this program, the Texas Legislature has created another incentive program that provides for a cap on the appraised value of property for certain industries for purposes of the maintenance and operation portion of school district property taxes (which may be 1.4% or higher). 

These two programs as well as others make Texas a competitive jurisdiction from a tax basis comparison and PKF Texas has deep experience within its State and Local Tax Advisory practice providing consulting around these incentive programs for some of the largest companies in Houston. PKF Texas is a member of the Greater Houston Partnership and other local economic development councils. PKF Texas also maintains close working relationships with the executive leadership of these groups so that we are well placed to advise our clients about the conditions "on the ground" in jurisdictions in which they seek incentives. PKF Texas works collaboratively with our clients and the community decision makers to craft the best possible incentive agreement which will provide near-term value while preserving a positive long-term relationship with the community.

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