Route to Profits CEO Resource Event

by | Jan 9, 2008 | Community Circle

Below is a message from Byron Hebert, Director of Entrepreneurial Advisory Services for PKF Texas. 

We began the Route to Profits quarterly newsletters as a way to prompt our clients and entrepreneurial friends to take a moment to stop and think about their business as opposed to working their business.  The response was overwhelming.  What we have heard from our clients and friends is "We want more!"

We have been working with Chris Mason at Mindshop for some time and have found his facilitation techniques very accurate and on point for today’s business environment.  When you talk to owner operated businesses about how often they meet you usually get one of two responses:

1) “We stopped having meetings because they were either gripe sessions or just a waste of time” or 2) “We meet all the time and have all these great ideas but when we get back to our desk and get caught up in the day to day issues, we loose the momentum.”

The Route to Profits set of tools will help you organize your managers, put a plan in place and break the plan down into small manageable steps. 

We are very excited to introduce the Route to Profits CEO Resource to our clients and friends.  This program will introduce you to all the tools that are available as well as training on how to use the tools and providing a forum for you to discuss with other business owners how these tools are working in your business. 

Join us on February 25th for an introduction to the Route to Profits CEO Resource. The event details are located on the PKF Texas website at


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