Attract and Retain Human Capital

by | Jul 21, 2006 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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Is your company on the Best Places to Work list? If your employees were surveyed today would you be on the list?

In Houston’s fast paced economy, human capital is the number one issue executives should be talking about. What are you doing as a leader of your company to encourage a positive environment that attracts and retains valued employees?

Appreciation for your employees needs to be demonstrated from the top down. If the leadership of your company shows appreciation for employee accomplishments, it will be infectious throughout the company. It can be as simple as acknowledging interim successes of a project or giving a gift card to someone who went the extra mile. 

Taking the time to let your staff know they are valued will make a world of difference in both the morale of your company and your bottom line.

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