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AAM on the Road brings Art Kuesel of Kuesel Consulting with “Deciphering the Formula for Better Business Development at Your Firm.”

Among the top five concerns for firms over the past several years, two of them closely relate to business development.  These include growth and succession.  Could your firms’ growth efforts use a boost?  As you know, a firm with a strong business development strategy can significantly outperform its peers in the market.  Six major areas contribute to a strong organic business development culture and these include:

  1. Business Development Roles & Responsibilities for Everyone
  2. Business Development Training – Client Development at the Core
  3. Partners and Business Development: Optimizing Partner Roles
  4. Identifying a Business Developer within your Ranks
  5. Hiring a Business Developer from Outside the Firm
  6. The Marketer’s Role in Business Development

This five-hour working session will explore each of these areas in detail through interactive discussions, small group work, and self-study.  You’ll walk away with ideas how to apply each strategy at your firm along with tools and templates that can make it happen.

Cost: "Early Bird" - $195 Members | $245 Non-Members

Regular Price - $245 Members | $295 Non-Members

Registration coming soon!

Questions? Lauren Clemmer | 443-640-1061 | Lauren@accountingmarketing.org

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