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PKF Texas - The Entrepreneurs Playbook

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PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook® is a thought leader production podcast brought to you by PKF Texas. The tips post Sunday at noon on the BusinessMakers Show and will also appear in our blog,  We invite you to comment and offer your own business best practice tips and insights via the blog. 




Video Podcasts: 
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 Women Mean Business 2.0 - Karen Love interviews Lisa Shumate

PKF Texas sponsor of Coffee with the Consuls France at the GHP

Kenneth Guidry discusses the affect of accounting talent on a business

Charles Philpott details dates to know for the Deepwater Horizon settlement 

  • Using Balanced Score Cards for Your Business

    Byron Hebert, CPA, CTP is back, this time he covers how to use a balanced score card in your business. He advises comparing your performance in areas such as sales growth, gross profit, net profit and others to high performing companies in your industry. This will give you a picture of where you can make improvements.

  • Defining Skill Sets in a Design Based Work Environment

    Kelsey Ruger, Chief Experience Officer for CogMine is back. He and Jen Lemanski discuss what to look for when hiring team members for a design based work environment.<br />

  • Community Outreach Fuels Growth

    Rassul Zarinfar, founder and CEO of Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co., discusses with Jen Lemanski how the Houston community has contributed to the growth of the brewery.

  • Change Readiness Model - Capabilities and Beliefs

    Byron Hebert, CPA, CTP is back. He dives into the Capabilities and Beliefs sections of the Change Success Model &amp; shares how each will affect your business.

  • Change Readiness as a Segment of the Change Success Model

    Byron Hebert, CPA, CTP is back. In today&rsquo;s vignette, he breaks down the five critical areas of the &ldquo;Change Readiness&rdquo; section of the Change Success Model.

  • Change Success Model Overview

    Byron Hebert, CPA, CTP highlights the Change Success Model and how business owners need to evaluate readiness, capability and beliefs if they want to successfully implement a change in their business.

  • Meeting User Needs Should be Paramount to Product Design

    Jen Lemanski is back with Kelsey Ruger, Chief Experience Officer, CogMine. When considering design, he advises asking users what problems they need solved, then work backward to design the product to address those problems.

  • Keeping the Big Picture in Mind - Advice from an Entrepreneur

    Rassul Zarinfar, founder and CEO of Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, is back. Rassul tells Jen how he keeps the big picture in mind when overcoming obstacles as an entrepreneur.

  • Export Financing - Using the Right Team

    Russ and Cynthia Flake, senior vice president, Comerica Bank, discuss how a trusted export finance advisor can help facilitate a company's export process.

  • Content Marketing Strategy - HiMA Interactive Strategies Conference 2014

    The Houston Interactive Marketing Association’s Interactive Strategies Conference is rapidly approaching. HiMA’s president Kelsey Ruger and Jen Lemanski discuss focus, content marketing, planning, execution and user experience design.

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Radio Podcasts:
Access all of the podcasts on the Radio Archive page.

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