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PKF Texas - The Entrepreneurs Playbook

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PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook® is a thought leader production podcast brought to you by PKF Texas. The tips post Sunday at noon on the BusinessMakers Show and will also appear in our blog,  We invite you to comment and offer your own business best practice tips and insights via the blog. 




Video Podcasts: 
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 Women Mean Business 2.0 - Karen Love interviews Lisa Shumate

PKF Texas sponsor of Coffee with the Consuls France at the GHP

Kenneth Guidry discusses the affect of accounting talent on a business

Charles Philpott details dates to know for the Deepwater Horizon settlement 

  • How the Birkman Method Predicts Conflict

    Byron Hebert continues his series on the Birkman Method®. This week he discusses the Lifestyle Grid, comparing those who are more people-oriented with those who are task-oriented, and direct communicators with indirect communicators.

  • Understanding the Freedom Component of the Birkman Method

    Byron Hebert continues his series on the Birkman Method. This week he covers Freedom and explains how a person with a high or a low Freedom score can fit in a team to accomplish business goals.

  • How Structure Impacts Business Communication

    Byron Hebert continues his series on the Birkman Method. This week he covers Structure and explains how the need for structure can have an impact on a team's communication.

  • Birkman Method Indicates The Authority Style of All Employees

    Byron Hebert continues his series on the Birkman Method. This week he covers Authority, explaining how a person's authority style can affect communication on a team.


Radio Podcasts:
Access all of the podcasts on the Radio Archive page.

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