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Whether you are a real estate investor or a developer, this industry requires careful planning to take full advantage of depreciation solutions and to ensure you derive maximum tax advantages through property tax planning and compliance. Beyond numbers, we help real estate professionals by putting them in touch with other professionals, including bankers, alternative investors and many others. We are committed to helping our clients succeed by providing them with a full range of accounting, tax and business consulting services to help them achieve their goals.

Appreciative Clients

Appreciative Clients

Camden Property Trust

"The PKF Texas team is thorough, reliable, and compliant. We have enjoyed a solid working relationship with them for over 22 years. As with any long-term relationship, people have moved around or gotten promoted, but the results have always been consistent.

It’s their people that set them apart from other firms. Quite simply, they are easy professionals to work with. They are collaborative, friendly, knowledgeable, & professional.

We have come to rely on PKF Texas as a valued business partner and highly recommend them to any company looking for consistency and excellence." -Sarah Barletta, Vice President Employee Benefits

Appreciative Clients

Sidra Real Estate

"Our previous accounting firm was in New York, but we desired to work with someone local to Houston. After interviewing several firms, we selected PKF Texas, and our experience working with them has been excellent.
The team at PKF Texas has given us good advice around structuring transactions and how to handle routine day-to-day matters. They’ve helped us focus better on our own internal accounting, which is where they’ve been most helpful.

The service PKF Texas provides is very good, both in timeliness and ability. They’re easygoing and nice to work with, their fees are reasonable compared to other firms and they work well together. We hold them in very high regard. " -David Barry, President
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