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Manufacturers’ and distributors’ business needs vary from choosing the appropriate accounting software to ensuring inventory is handled properly, and to have a successful wholesale distribution operation, distribution companies need the core components: warehouse automation, activity-based costing, supply chain management. But how do you find the time to focus on what you know is important without letting the day-to-day details fall through the cracks? Let the PKF Texas approachable advisors work with you to help you make smart business decisions.

Appreciative Clients

Appreciative Clients

Hobas Pipe

"Our relationship with PKF Texas goes back 20 years. We specifically chose them for audit work when we were looking to leave one of the larger firms we were working with.

PKF Texas provides a vital service without interfering with our day-to-day business. Our company has experienced major growth, and PKF Texas has been a great resource through all the challenges growth can bring.

We see a huge benefit in the continuity of staff from PKF Texas. They know our business and they know our people. We never have to re-educate them on the specifics of our business, which saves us both time and money.

We consider PKF Texas a valued business partner and feel they charge a fair price for their service. In all the years we have worked together, we have never felt inclined to change our accounting firm." -Marcus Vajdos, Chief Financial Officer

Appreciative Clients

Hunt & Hunt, Ltd.

"We learned about PKF Texas through a colleague referral. While working with a smaller accounting firm, we found ourselves in a place where more was needed out of our accounting partner. We met with the PKF Texas team and have been working with them ever since.

The first team we worked with at PKF Texas was the tax team. Accountants would come to our office once a month to work with us and helped us understand how to put accounting at our fingertips. We make our money in the shop, not by spending our time behind a desk, and for the first time we were finally able to understand where our finances stood.

As small business owners, we rely on partners who understand our business. You’re building your business with their help, and if it’s working, there’s no need to move over to a different accounting firm. We’re confident about the work they do and have never felt the need to challenge what they’re doing. " -Mike Bowman, President

Appreciative Clients

Mobil Steel International, Inc.

"We have had a relationship with PKF Texas for 16 years. The first-rate service they provide is an excellent value for the money. The firm is very engaged with us, and we love their people on a professional and personal level. Consistency of staff in both tax and audit has allowed them to develop a strong competency of our business. That consistency sets PKF Texas apart from larger firms.

PKF Texas is extremely proactive; they always keep us abreast of changes and provide solid solutions when problems arise. We can count on them to deliver on time or ahead of schedule, even when deadlines are tight. PKF Texas is a great sounding board, providing excellent counsel at every turn. We consider them a partner in our business.

Continuing Education opportunities at PKF Texas are unparalleled. Sessions with speakers on a wide array of topics have enlightened us in matters way beyond those specific to our industry.

We recognize that we are a small client for PKF Texas, but they genuinely appreciate our business and treat us like we are the most important client they serve." -Leonard Bedell, President and Chief Executive Officer
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