The construction business demands a great deal from owners. Tracking inventory across jobs, ensuring progress bills match work completed, managing cash flow — these are just a few of the challenges you encounter. We understand these and the numerous other issues you face in a single day. Through careful planning and close communications, PKF Texas’ approachable advisors can help you manage your company so you can make smart business decisions.

Appreciative Clients

Appreciative Clients

E-3 Electric, Ltd.

"We have been a client of PKF Texas since the firm first started. PKF Texas is very much a partner and advisor in the sense that you get a lot more than just accounting. Because they see so many other types of businesses, they can give us unique business insight other than just what’s on our balance sheet. We do pay a little bit more to work with them, but we feel that the value added is worth it.

It’s obvious that the people that work for PKF Texas are a close-knit group. We feel a sense of kinship with them. Working with other professional services firms can sometimes feel like there might be issues within the group. But not with PKF Texas; it feels like they work as a team and they care about us. Many times when we communicate via email, they will copy the question to several people within their team, and the person that is most qualified to answer the question will respond and copy everyone else.

There is a certain level of comfort working with PKF Texas. We’re comfortable that they’re not going to overcharge. We’re comfortable that they’re going to respond. We’re comfortable that they have our best interest at heart. We’re comfortable that their advice is accurate.

We often use them as an example of how our business should run, and that it’s not just about price, but more so the trust and response that we get. If we notify them with a question or issue, they may not have the answer but they get back with us that day. And it gives us a sense of relief knowing they will respond; somebody is listening, and they do care. It’s really something that they excel at. It’s almost therapy when they come to your rescue." -Steve Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Appreciative Clients

The Dennis Group

"We have been incredibly pleased with our relationship with PKF Texas. They are receptive and responsive. When they do not have immediate answers, they are diligent about accessing the right resources to provide the solutions we need.

One competitive advantage PKF Texas has over other firms their size is a deep understanding of international tax matters and other cross border transactions. The recent backdrop of changes in international tax law has heightened our appreciation of the assistance they provide in navigating those fluctuations. PKF Texas does an excellent job of translating the complexity of tax code to common business language we can understand and apply.

PKF Texas has become a trusted advisor and together we have developed a process that is invaluable in decision making for overseas operations. In a very collaborative way, business scenarios are created, and numbers are applied to those scenarios so that we can visualize how money will flow. Through this process, PKF Texas helps us not only identify risks, but also quantify those risks so we can make smart business decisions." -Antonio Pote, Director of Finance & International Development
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