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There’s more to taxes than just filling out a form. To the untrained eye, tax strategy is pretty cut-and-dry. What you might not know is that there is an art to defining a tax approach that works to legally minimize your tax exposure. Our tax services in Houston and beyond can help you establish your goals, and our Approachable Advisors® then co-develop solutions with you to make smart business decisions.

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Business Federal
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Private Client


R&D Credit



The science of tax planning involves optimizing your taxes through understanding your business and personal situations, applying the most current and beneficial tax opportunities available, and using our tax expertise to help you grow. The art is to explain the process in a way where you understand what to expect, which helps you rest easy.

  • News, updates, and current tax law changes
  • Global tax planning for U.S. and Foreign Businesses
  • Trust, Estate, and Gift Tax Planning
  • Business and Individual Tax Planning
  • Inter-generational Wealth & Income Tax Planning

Business Federal and State Tax

The best tax strategies work when they are effectively implemented and reported to the IRS, states, investors, and potential buyers and sellers. How do we achieve this? By preparing tax returns, defending you in tax audits and guiding you in business transactions.

  • Preparation of Business Income Tax Returns (Federal and State)
  • Financial Statement Tax Provisions/Accrual (ASC740 / FAS109)
  • Transactional and M&A Taxation, Buy-Side and Sell-Side
  • Tax Audits and Controversy
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Private Client Services

We understand that in today’s ever-changing environment, affluent individuals and families have unique tax and financial service needs. We work with families to develop and implement strategies that increase after-tax cash flow, ensure the passing of the desired level of inter-generation wealth and mitigate risk associated with required Federal and State income tax filings.

  • Single Family Offices (SFO)
  • Income Tax Returns for Individuals/Trusts/Estate/Business & Investment entities
  • Federal Estate and Gift Tax Returns (Forms 706 & 709)
  • Inter-generational Wealth and Income Tax Planning
  • Philanthropic/Charitable Planning

International Tax

In a global economy, our clients are consistently conducting business internationally. We aim to help our clients not only design optimal tax structure, but also implement it and ensure proper annual reporting with tax authorities.

  • Income Tax Return Reporting of International Activities
  • Structuring of Foreign-Owned Entities/Business in the U.S.
  • Structuring for U.S.-Owned Business Expanding Internationally
  • Withholding tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Export tax advantages for U.S. businesses
  • Global tax minimization


The Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit is one of the best tax planning opportunities available to businesses of all sizes. Companies within a wide range of industries qualify for significant federal and state tax savings, thus reducing their tax liability simply by performing their daily jobs. By paying less in federal and state income and payroll taxes, the R&D Tax Credit allows companies to increase their cash flow, which in turn gives them the ability to hire new employees, invest in new products and service offerings and grow their businesses.

  • Assessment of activities and expenses that qualify for R&D Tax Credits
  • Preparation of R&D Tax Credit Study and Report
  • R&D Tax Credit Audit Support – Federal and State


Our Approachable Advisors® work with 501(c) (3), (4), (6) and (7) entities, including public charities, private foundations, professional associations, social and recreation clubs and more. We understand that not-for-profit entities have unique needs; we are equipped to help you maintain your tax-exempt status while focusing on the heart and soul of your organization.
  • Preparation of Annual IRS Filings
  • Assistance with IRS Audits
  • Planning and Advisory