With regulations such as HIPAA, and decreasing reimbursement levels, the healthcare industry can be a daunting place for those who don’t plan wisely. We know doctors often choose between technology and compliance due to tight budgets; however, there are many solutions that can put technology to work for you to bridge the compliance gap. Our approachable advisors can help you with practice management advice, compliance guidance and technology solutions that build in efficiencies which will hit your bottom line. At PKF Texas, we work with sole practitioners, doctors’ groups, healthcare institutions and other health-related service providers. Our healthcare accounting experience allows us to impart innovative, practical solutions while easily stepping into your shoes to understand the ramifications of the decisions you make.

Appreciative Clients

Appreciative Clients

Decisio Health

"The PKF Texas Executive team did a great job of outlining how they would work with a startup business. They demonstrated clear understanding that we would have very distinct requirements for accounting, reporting, and personnel. Once engaged, they presented unique accounting regulations in a succinct and understandable format based on our industry profile. This was a huge help in preparing us for the audit.

What sets PKF Texas apart from other firms? Undoubtedly, it’s the people! They are extremely engaged and never treat us like a number or like a task to simply check off and move beyond.

The breadth of knowledge is broad and deep at PKF Texas. They have many qualified individuals, from the Executive level down, with the expertise to help companies in the startup space. You will be extremely happy and satisfied with PKF Texas." -Greg Price, Chief Financial Officer

Appreciative Clients

Dynamed Clinical Research LP

"PKF Texas has always been a very entrepreneurial-friendly company; they recognize what entrepreneurs go through, and accommodate them as needed. They understand people very well and that’s a huge part of advising a business. They are honest, upfront and transparent.

One thing I admire about PKF Texas is that they are very resourceful. You don’t have to call five different firms to get answers. They work as a team to provide answers to any questions we have. That’s very comforting to a business owner. We can count on them for any type of advice." -Mohammad Milwalla, President
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