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PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook

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PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook® is a thought leader production podcast brought to you by PKF Texas. The tips post Sunday at noon on the BusinessMakers Show and will also appear in our blog,  We invite you to comment and offer your own business best practice tips and insights via the blog. 

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Video Podcasts: 
 Access all of the videos on the Video Archive page.

Women Mean Business 2.0 - Karen Love interviews Lisa Shumate

Martin Euson, JD, gives tips on buying a business

Brian Baumler, CPA explains how representing one side of a joint venture can benefit both parties

Jen Lemanski interviews BioHouston CEO, Ann Tanabe

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Radio Podcasts:
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  • Martin Euson Explains Tax Structuring

    Jen Lemanski is back with Martin Euson, JD, tax director on PKF Texas’ Transaction Advisory Services team. Martin explains tax structuring and how the amount of tax owed on a transaction depends on the structure.

  • Importance of Vendor Compliance in a Joint Venture

    Russ Capper is back with Brian Baumler, SVP at JVSA and audit director at PKF Texas. Brian explains the purpose and importance of Vendor Compliance.

  • Tax Due Diligence Explained

    Jen Lemanski is back with Martin Euson, JD, tax director on our Transaction Advisory Services team. Martin explains tax due diligence and how the Transaction Advisory Services team helps their clients.

  • Getting a Company Market Ready

    Jen Lemanski is back with Chris Hatten, CPA, CM&AA, Director on our Transaction Advisory Services team. Chris explains what it means to get a company “market ready”.


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