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Succeeding in business requires allocating time and resources to the areas in your business that will most benefit your bottom line. Beyond developing and delivering your product to your target market, you need advisors that have the heart and soul of your business in mind. PKF Texas offers a wide range of service solutions that help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. From increasing employee productivity to managing the value of your business, our service teams are ready to work with you on virtually any business challenge.

Audit and Accounting Services
Assurance solutions do more than assess risk and apply appropriate audit procedures. These critical business monitoring services allow you to understand where your company has been and where it is headed. At PKF Texas, we want to co-create solutions with you to help you reach your goal faster - and more profitably - than you every imagined possible. More >>>

Entrepreneurial Advisory Services
We've been assisting entrepreneurs so they can operate their businesses more profitably for over 10 years. Common business issues such as maximizing cash flow and accurately reporting financials are just two of the everyday challenges we address as we work one-on-one with valued clients. More >>>

Tax Services
PKF Texas is a firm that makes things happen. Our clients recognize that we work hard. In short, they value the professional advisor role we bring to the tax picture. We believe planning enables our clients to capture the maximum lead time possible to take advantage of opportunities for legally minimizing or avoiding tax exposure. Our goal is to report income fairly while offering insightful tax planning strategies to minimize state, federal and international tax liabilities. More >>>

Litigation and Bankruptcy Services
Choosing a litigation partner can be problematic. When commercial disputes, litigation or business failures occur, you want to work with professionals who offer many years of experience, are qualified in the areas they represent, understand how the legal system's processes work, and offer responsiveness and objectivity. More >>>

Simplexity Services & Consulting
Our Simplexity Services and Consulting Services are designed for publicly traded or privately held companies who need an alternative to their primary provider of audit or tax services on certain projects or in instances where their current CPA firm has been conflicted out of certain sectors of work. We work with you to assess your needs and complexities, then assemble a specialized team of directors, senior managers and managers with the capabilities to perform the services you require. More >>>

Transaction Advisory Services
Our Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) professionals work closely with clients to help them make better and more-informed decisions about how they strategically manage their capital and transactions. Advising our clients throughout each phase, whether they are raising, investing, optimizing, or preserving capital, we’re able to help companies consider their issues and challenges and, more importantly, understand their options at every stage of the capital lifecycle. More >>>

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Our commitment to exceptional service goes well beyond knowing the latest tax code. We focus on the business practices within a variety of industries which will build your experience.

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We believe an audit should deliver more than a report. An audit helps to evaluate risks and the overall health of your business, and is a perfect time to look at areas that could be strengthened.

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