A Holiday Poem From PKF Texas

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Community Circle, Marketers IRL

At our Holiday Cheer celebration yesterday, our Director of Entrepreneurial Advisory Services, Byron Hebert recited a poem he wrote for the season. We’d like to share this with you. Happy Holidays from PKF Texas!

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through PKF
Not one single prospect was allowed to rest

I, in my suit and my associate, old sport
Had just printed our list and we started to sort

The A prospects, B prospects, the Cs and the Ds
Which company do you think we can earn the best fees?

We worked the list hard, it was more than a hunch
We called them, we wrote them, we took them to lunch!

Then what to my wandering ears do I hear?
But the phone, it was ringing and they want to come here!

So we met with the prospect, engagement letter in hand
We have a new client, strike up the band!

Then I heard as my new client disappeared out of sight
Happy Holidays to PKF, where the fit is just right!

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