Aggie 100 Winners Offer Nuggets of Wisdom

by | Nov 12, 2007 | Community Circle

The annual Aggie 100 Winners Nuggets of Wisdom has been posted to the Aggie 100 website. The advice these entrepreneurs have chosen to share is invaluable both on a professional and a personal level. Here are a few highlights:

Find something you love to do. Develop a positive attitude and respect others. Uphold your ethical standards. Learn from difficult situations and never ever ever give up. Most importantly keep your family and your faith at the forefront. –Catherine Landeck Sliva –

Never underestimate the value of hard work. -Bill E. Carter

If you are going to dream, dream big! Be passionate, remain focused, surround yourself with talented individuals, look out for mentors and you will find success.
-Juan Manuel Lamparero

Treat people right! Your co-workers, your employees, your vendors, your customers, everyone you come in contact with. Be fair, be honest and treat people with respect. That strategy never fails and it’s what being an Aggie is all about. –David Lipscomb

How will you take the wisdom offered by our 2007 honorees and apply it to your business? Or your personal life for that matter? 

To read all of the “Nuggets of Wisdom” from the 2007 Aggie 100 honorees, click here.

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