An Evening with Bill Kurtis

by | Aug 29, 2008 | Community Circle

Last night I have the pleasure of meeting Bill Kurtis (A&E Investigative Reports, Cold Case Files, and for the younger set, Mr. Kurtis is the narrator for the movie “The Legend of Ron Burgundy”) at the Rice Alliance Kick Off meeting. PKF Texas was the primary sponsor of the event and as in the past, it was a wonderful evening.

Mr. Kurtis’s background started in Broadcast Journalism with a CBS affiliate in Kansas and he was quickly moved to Chicago where he became the local anchor. After a few years there, he took a job with CBS News and hosted several news broadcasts for several years until he recently moved to the A&E network, History Channel, etc. 

Mr. Kurtis has a current venture with an operation called Tallgrass Beef.  During his presentation he reviewed the history of agribusiness in the US from the Depression era to today and the impact on the cattle industry. Some new and very interesting research is suggesting the impact of grain fed beef to our bodies and how grass fed beef is much better for us. One additional thing I learned is that only the US raises feedlot cattle for consumption. Other nations only raise grass feed beef.

You can check out the website and gain some more information into his company and the impact of tall grass beef versus the alternative options.

Thanks, Mr. Kurtis, for a great evening.

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