Economic Climate in Texas Drives Growth

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Community Circle, Tax and Accounting Desk, The Energy Economy

In the past few weeks, there have been two excellent articles in the Wall Street Journal about how Texas and Houston’s growth friendly attitudes and regulatory environments have played a role in attracting talent and companies from other states.

Success and the City” focuses on Houston and what sets it apart from other major metropolitan areas. The article states, “Houston’s growth is more than oil-industry luck; it reflects a unique policy environment. The city and its unincorporated areas have no formal zoning, so land use is flexible and can readily meet demand.”

A Texas Guide to the Economy” compares the economic policies in Texas to those in other states, notably California. The author says, “If states are truly laboratories of democracy, Texas’ pro-growth policies serve as an example of the way forward in a slow recovery for…California and the country as a whole.”

We’ve seen these pro-growth trends in action with our clients at PKF Texas. Many are in growth mode and are the benefiting from our strong economy.

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