Guest Spotlight: Ann Lents – Center for Houston’s Future

by | Aug 27, 2007 | Community Circle, Guest Spotlights

This week’s Guest Spotlight is from Ann Lents, President & CEO of the Center For Houston’s Future. Their website is Ann can be reached at

There has been talk recently about Houston’s future and particularly the direction that land development should take.  Should it be denser or more spread out; more roads or more trains; more walkability or more cars; should Houston be left alone and allowed to develop without public intervention or do we need to plan to have cost effective infrastructure and a clean environment?   What does the "future" of Houston mean anyway?  Do we concentrate on future business opportunities, future environmental issues, future health concerns, future housing markets, potential future disasters, cultural & population trends or changes in education?  How do futuristic trends and growth affect Houston’s quality of life — issues such as water quality, parks & green space, retail and residential development, employment and health care?  And how can we all be involved in these issues in the midst of busy lives?

The Center for Houston’s Future ponders and tries to answer these emerging issues everyday.  In conjunction with various governmental, business and civic organizations, including the Greater Houston Partnership, it surveys, researches, watches, predicts and philosophizes on what constitutes Houston’s future and why it’s important to know.   Potential "answers" to these questions can be found on the Center’s website at    Please check out the future of Houston! 

And most importantly, let us hear from you! Young and old, we all have unique perspectives on how we want to live and how we want our families to live in the future. Email us at the Center ( and let us know how you want to be involved—read a newsletter on what’s going on? Express yourself in a wiki or a blog? Join a group for networking and discussion? We’re open to the possibilities—help us understand how talented but busy professionals want to join in this discussion! 


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