Guest Spotlight – Monique A. Hitchings – Listen, Talk, Act: Energy Solutions Conference Provides Answers

by | Oct 9, 2008 | Community Circle, Guest Spotlights

 Monique A. Hitchings is the Editor in Chief of FUEL Magazine, a Hart Energy publication.  You may recall that PKF Texas partnered with Hart Energy to host the NASDAQ OMX presentation.  Hart Energy is hosting the Energy Solutions Conference in Houston on November 6 and 7, 2008.  Monique may be reached via email at

Conventional vs. alternative fuels and energies, refining technology, clean technology, climate change – these are today’s buzzwords to effect tomorrow’s changes.

As we enter a new U.S. Administration, a new year and face financial constraints in all aspects of the global downstream industry from refining to transportation to research and development to fuel management, it’s time to continue much needed dialogue and recognize potential solutions to myriad challenges our industry faces.

The gap between supply and demand continues to grow and a reduction in the heavy dependence on imported crude is paramount.

Companies are noting alternatives to typical ways of conducting business, including implementing alternative fuels and technologies in all arenas of the downstream business.

Industry representatives have been talking about it; government and organizational leaders have been talking about it; operating companies and their vendors/providers have been talking about it. It’s time to bring these entities together to talk about it and learn from one another.

Houston’s Energy Solutions conference featuring the Global Energy & Environmental Excellence Awards Celebration and Biofuels Briefing, Nov. 6 and 7, is the place to interact with leading energy industry strategists and analysts, policymakers, refinery and transportation executives, financiers and technology providers.

These sector leaders will examine national and global progress since the release of the National Petroleum Council’s report and the 2008 World Petroleum Council meeting in Madrid in July.

One notable industry icon, Donald L. Paul, president and managing director, Energy and Technology Strategies, chief technology officer, Chevron (retired), will share innovative ideas for saving energy tomorrow, noting “every molecule counts” on the road to sustainability and clean technology.

Timely and topical information will be discussed, analyzed and in some cases debated in an array of manners by the best in the business. Discussion points include:

  • U.S. post-election policy and energy outlook;
  • The effect the U.S. election will have on international energy opportunities;
  • The degree to which we’ve progressed toward energy security;
  • The true nature of worldwide demand;
  • Supplies that are available now and in the future;
  • Upcoming transportation technologies to change energy use;
  • Local and global low-carbon solutions;
  • The meaning the weaker dollar has for capital markets; and
  • The way in which biofuels fit into the global market.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: improve our environment in the most cost-effective, energy efficient manner that results in less dependence on conventional fuels and foreign crude imports. How do we get there? One step at a time – working together, listening, talking and acting to arrive at energy solutions for tomorrow from challenging times today.



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