High IQs Live Here

by | Jun 5, 2006 | Community Circle, Observations

Buried within Inc. magazine’s recent report, “Boom Town ’06,” is a factoid of some interest. Our very own Sugarland (“Texas,” for those who are not from around these parts) has the 4th highest percentage of adult residents with advanced educational degrees in the country.
Who would have guessed that to be the case?
In the story, coming in #1 was Washington, D.C. (26 percent of residents with advanced degrees), followed by Seattle (21 percent) and San Francisco (19.5 percent). Sugarland came in just behind the Bay City with 19.2 percent.
Makes sense to me. While Houston has some of the finest educational institutions around (Rice, for example), the fact is more significant and substantiated by the residents who live and work here. They, or rather “we” are here because of our local economy and national/international scope.
So if this is the case, then why don’t we do a better job of promoting ourselves? When will we cease to be known as the city of Urban Cowboys and begin to be admired for our business marketplace, culture and lifestyle?

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