Houston: A World City

by | Oct 9, 2007 | Community Circle

In conjunction with the Greater Houston Partnership Joel Kotkin recently published Opportunity Urbanism: An Emerging Paradigm for the 21st Century .

Using Houston as a model, Kotkin explores “the fundamental economic and demographic dynamics of …an opportunity city.”

The section that really caught my eye was “Can Opportunity Cities Become World Cities?” Before reading the section (the short answer is yes by the way) I immediately thought “Houston is a world city!”

One only needs to look as far as our partnership with the GHP for the International Connections speaker series to see that. For example, our next luncheon on October 17th features Hungary. The Hungarian Ambassador to the US, the US Ambassador to Hungary and the Hungarian Minister of Finance are all scheduled to speak. 

If Houston wasn’t a world city, would these distinguished individuals jump at the chance to speak to members of the Houston business community? Probably not. From the energy industry to the Port of Houston, our role in the global community is a big one and I’m glad we’re being recognized! 

If you have any questions about the International Connections series contact Niaya Harper at the GHP.

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