Hurricane Ike

by | Sep 11, 2008 | Community Circle

In light of Hurricane Ike, I wanted to you let you know my blog posting may be interrupted depending on connectivity.  Although, I’ll leave the weather coverage the guys on the news, I received a few tips that I think are worth sharing.  These tips came from my friends at Technology Support

As is always the case with impending inclement weather, you SHOULD take your laptop with you, beginning today. Also remember that, before the storm makes landfall, you should ensure that your computer and cell phone are fully charged. This will allow you to get at least urgent use out of them in the event of power failure.

Office Make-Ready
You also SHOULD make your office space hurricane-ready (work papers off desks and in cabinets, electronic devices in safe places, etc.). All computer PC’s should be shut down properly and unplugged from the wall. Any computer PC’s that are on the floor should be placed on a desk or chair and a if possible covered with a plastic sheet.

Here are some suggestions your may want to consider:

  • Keep phone lists of your key employees and customers with you, and provide copies to key staff members.
  • If you have a voice mail system at your office, designate one remote number on which you can record messages for employees. Provide the number to all employees.
  • Arrange for programmable call forwarding for your main business line(s). Then, if you can’t get to the office, you can call in and reprogram the phones to ring elsewhere.
  • If you may not be able to get to your office quickly after an emergency, leave keys and alarm code(s) with a trusted employee or friend who is closer.

Here is a Hurricane Evacuation Check List from the American Red Cross.





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