Leading Edge Alliance awards PKF Texas its Internal Technology Innovation Award for FromGregsHead.com

by | Nov 8, 2006 | Community Circle, Observations

Last week at the Leading Edge Alliance annual meeting and awards program in Miami, our firm was awarded the Internal Technology Innovation Award for this blog.  The Leading Edge is one of the premier associations of independent accounting firms around the country.  It is indeed an honor to receive such an outstanding recognition from our peers within the Leading Edge Alliance.  I would like to thank Gary Shamis, of SS&G Financial Services and Karen Kehl-Rose, President, as well the panel of judges who recognized all the winners of the various Innovation Awards this past week.  All the honorees had outstanding contributions to their respective firms. 
It’s well worth pointing out that several people deserve recognition for the success of this blog.  It’s an appropriate time to thank all of them as well. 
First, I want to thank my fellow Directors at PKF Texas and Kenneth Guidry, our President, for their support as we rolled out this new idea when it was something new and unknown for an accounting firm. 
Second, our internal team of Karen Love, Director of Practice Growth, Raissa Evans, Marketing Manager and Jen Lemanski, Practice Growth Associate (my alter ego) for all of their support during the planning, start up, and continuing operational support.  And finally, I would like to thank all of you who stop by and give comment, read the posts, and comment about us in the marketplace.  We appreciate your support, its what makes the blog worth while to all of us.
The success of the blog is collaborative effort and we all share in this outstanding recognition.  Thanks for stopping by!

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