Lemonade Day

by | Mar 27, 2007 | Community Circle

I heard a great story of helping our community and young people yesterday.  It’s a project called Lemonade Day!

Michael Holthouse, President of Intuitive Homes (former founder of Paranet) commented on this the other day while at luncheon we hosted concerning Paul Frison and the HTC.   More to come on Frison and the HTC another day.

Back to Lemonade Day.  The Day will be May 6, 2007 and the purpose is to teach young students (4th, 5th and 6th graders) how to make money.  The concept of selling a product, costs of goods, marketing, profit etc.  Many young people in college today still have no concept on how to make money.  More importantly they lack the ability to understand the need for going through a business cycle before the first dollar of profit is made.
Companies can purchase packages of lemonade stands for the their employees and create a company-wide family event on Lemonade Day.  Visit their website www.lemonadeday.org for further information.
Capitalism is alive and well in our great country.


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