Live Blogging the Rice Business Plan Competition Semi-Finals

by | Mar 31, 2006 | Community Circle, Observations

I am in Judge Group 6 and our respective companies are as follows:
Internet Security Company
Strong Data
Joker Enterprises
We are sitting in Room 212 and with my broadband access card I am able to do a real time update for the Blog on Rice Business Plan. As usual the facilities and logistics here at the Jones School on the Rice campus are outstanding. As a judge and long time supporter of the Rice Alliance, our facilities are second to none. I hope the students find the judges feedback “real world.”
Kicked off the session first thing this morning. This company has an idea about testing glucose levels for diabetics with a chip implanted under the skin for continuous monitoring of the glucose levels. I was impressed with the identification of a need for better and more consumer friendly testing. The speakers were nervous, but the financial guy was on his game and gave one of the best presentations on investment need, investor payback and how and when the funds will be used. I suspect my fellow judges will give similar comments on speakers. It might have been a distraction to the overall plan.
Internet Security Company
A device to make spy ware, malware, etc. less of an issue. More in a moment…

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