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by | Mar 23, 2007 | Community Circle, Observations

EyeLight from UCLA was the next presenter to Flight 5.
EyeLight is developing a new minimally invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of glaucoma, a disease that affects 65 million people worldwide.
Impressive presentation one of the best so far. I loved the fact that the inventor was in the room.
Although he could not comment, his research was presented in the overview and I like the idea that he was present.
It seems several clinical studies have already been done with this new product.
Innovis Technologies LLC from the University of Arizona.
Innovis harnesses cutting-edge molecular technologies to produce revolutionary diagnostic kits that protect the world from microbial contamination.
With all the issues of possible food contaminations, lettuce issues, etc.  I love the idea of this product. The team was well prepared, on point and made a highly effective presentation. I hope I don’t need it in the future, but I can see a need for it. 
Nanovate from the University of Waterloo
Nanovate is a biomedical company based in Waterloo, Canada.  They commercialize and market enhanced biomedical devices for clinical deployment.  Specifically their product deals with radiation techniques.  I liked the presentation but I wasn’t sure about the ability of the product to produce the results that they outlined.
Optimal Vision Corporation from the University of Illinois at Chicago
They hope to introduce a non-surgical procedure for correcting presbyopia.  They hope to eliminate the need for reading glasses and invasive surgical procedures.  I need lots of help in this area.
The presentation was good, but then the team was not able to distinguish between the various forms of procedures today.
Good luck to all!

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