Nuggets of Wisdom from the Aggie 100

by | Oct 18, 2006 | Community Circle

This month’s newsletter from the CNVE at Texas A&M had a few more insights from this year’s Aggie 100 event.

One article from the newsletter I was particularly drawn to is the “Nuggets of Wisdom” from all 100 of the 2006 honorees.

The advice these entrepreneurs have chosen to share is invaluable both on a professional and a personal level. These three quotes in particular struck a chord with me.

“Do not be afraid to take risks and, when doing so, remember it is of utmost importance to know the quality and integrity of the people with whom you’re conducting business. By adhering to this principle and, with much patience and hard work, you will greatly increase your probability of long term success.”
Danny J. Bowers Jr., Cardan Enterprises Inc., Class of 1982

“Always remember that people matter most. By passionately serving your clients (as well as your own staff) you can accomplish amazing and rewarding things.”
Monty G. Myers, Eureka Software Solutions Inc, Class of 1986

“Provide quality work on all projects — no matter what the size. Small projects can lead to big projects.”
Gerald H. Schwarz, Schwarz Hanson Architects, Class of 1982

I could not agree with these gentlemen more. I’ve found that to be a successful entrepreneur you must have passion, integrity, and the willingness to take risks.

How will you take the wisdom offered by our 2006 honorees and apply it to your business? Or your personal life for that matter? 

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