RBPC Part One – DiagNANO and AutoTB

by | Apr 4, 2008 | Community Circle

Good morning GregsHead fans its Friday and I must be at the 2008 Rice Business Plan Competition. I am in Flight 3 sitting in Room 218 getting educated on all the next great bio-life science ideas. I will try and provide a few brief comments after each presentation. 

I only get 10 minutes between presentations….so I have to work fast.


DiagNano is an early stage technology company focusing on in vitro cancer diagnostics. They offer nanotechnology-based products for tissue biopsy analysis to provide clinicians with a patient-specific cancer fingerprint.

Good start & clarity in presenting the case for your product. Good explanation of the limitation with the current technology. Excellent presentation of what your product can do.

How did you arrive at the $30 billion market and the related slides? Why is there no reference to collaboration with MD Anderson? 

Financial forecasts don’t make sense in light of your requirements. You should have had your updated financial forecasts ready and available for the question that you received….in short you look unprepared.

A better explanation of what and how….the ROI slide should have been part of the presentation as well.

Good luck!


More than 1/3 of the world’s population is infected with TB, a disease that kills over 2 million people annually. Improved diagnostics are desperately needed to combat this epidemic.   AutoTB plans to create a device to automate sputum microscopy, which will decrease analysis time, increase sensitivity, and eliminate the human error present in current procedures, while integrating into the existing infrastructure and remaining inexpensive and accessible to developing countries.

Good explanation of the problem for TB. You presented an excellent overview of the AutoTB performance.   Good multi-use of the timeline slide. I like the source of and your credit as to the size of the market for your numbers. It was nice to see the discussion of the other uses of your product.

It was not clear to me what your IP really is for this product. It seems you need some additional advice. No discussion of competitors, no overview of patents….not sure of the market application going to developing country.

I didn’t see an ROI slide on the per use of the product….

Good luck

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