RBPC – Part Three: Traycer Diagnostic Systems and IMMUTELL

by | Apr 4, 2008 | Community Circle

Final two of the day…..

Traycer Diagnostic Systems

Traycer Diagnostic Systems leverages a unique set of technology to become a leader in microwave and terahertz medical imaging with a strong focus on replacement of x-ray mammography.

In my opinion the best presentation of Flight 3 for the day.  Well done….good use of backup slides to supplement your point…You nailed your IP, had you background material ready to go…Good business case, good metrics…

Excellent outline of your collaboration business partners.


Good luck.


IMMUTELL’s mission is to develop, produce, and market cell mediated immune response diagnostics to help combat diseases that are difficult to diagnose.

Great story and a very effective message…Good use of slides to emphasize your points….

Some slides seemed a bit busy and it was difficult to see what you were showing us.  A compelling business case….

Last group of the day….I was tired.  But my fellow judges had some good feedback for you…

My next post will outline who has made it to the finals.  I think 1 team from each flight will be selected to go forward…Stay tuned.

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