RBPC – Part Two: HeartSounds and GlucoFast

by | Apr 4, 2008 | Community Circle


HeartSounds is a platform medical device company specializing in the emerging field of computer-aided auscultation utilizing patented sound-separation technology to provide non-invasive diagnostic devices.  The company has developed a fetal heart monitor that is more accurate and provides greater ease of use than current devices.

Good use of slides & showing use and market.  Good multi-use of the technology.

Good overview of the IP and status of its.

Good website.

The second speaker had a bit too much motion moving back and forth during the presentation….

Good luck.


GlucoFast has developed a non-invasive, continuous monitoring device that can provide advance detection of hypoglycemic episodes for diabetics.

Slide transition was not clean.  Someone needs to stay there and drive the show while the others are presenting.

Great potential but not sure if you have thought through the practical application….too much concept right now….No presentation on the IP and you need to study the possible business applications…..The subscription idea was a great suggestion from Ms. Capper.

Good luck!

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