Recap: Employee Health & Wellness Seminar with DHS Group and USI

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Community Circle, Employee Benefit Plans, Route to Profits®

Following our July 16th employee benefit plan seminar, PKF Texas hosted “Employee Health & Wellness: Using Data Analytics to Improve Employee Engagement, Productivity and Reduce Costs.” Audit Senior Manager, Kristin Ryan, CPA, moderated the panel, which included:

  • Rabih Suki, Founder, CEO and CSO, DHS Group, and
  • Lara Bunn, National Population Health Management Operations Leader, USI

The main objectives the panelists discussed:

  • Population health linked to employee engagement and productivity
  • Key metrics used to analyze data and improve business intelligence
  • Underwriter considerations and medical/pharma costs

The conversation covered the processes of identifying issues – or “gaps in care” – and finding the right solutions to increase and encourage employee engagement. The insights driving these steps can be provided through data analytics. Examples were presented about what data to check and then understanding what’s going on beneath the reporting, truly gauging what employers are looking at and what’s happening with the employee population.

The panelists later discussed the implementation of health management programs, as well as communication measures as vehicles to reach out to employees. They said the hope is with the right incentive, money gift or applicable discount(s), employees will engage in the programs – enticing them with a “reward” for picking up a prescription, taking the medication, getting a physical and/or more.

Kristin, Rabih and Lara covered hot topics in a short hour of presentation, creating perspective and inspiring employers to seek alternative avenues of using data analytics to improve business intelligence, reduce costs, and increase productivity and employee engagement.

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