Rounding out the Semi-Final Round Presentations

by | Mar 31, 2006 | Community Circle, Observations

I listened to a fantastic presentation from Strong Data this afternoon. Best of the day.
Strong skills from the presenter – he was passionate and knew his topics very well. An easy to understand idea, and a thorough analysis on the costs of entering the market. From this presentation I was particularly impressed with two items. First, their command of the industry and the barriers to entry was very good. Second, I was impressed with their industry contacts and their ability to make inroads with industry experts at some of the largest financial institutions in the country.
Interesting sidenote: Identity theft is something with little barrier. I know someone who recently had their debit card number stolen and used. The theft took place in NYC, but the person was in Texas. And, they managed to take more funds than was in the person’s account. I didn’t think you could do that! Maybe an inside job? Good idea.
Joker Enterprises
I just listened to a great bar discussion. Aside from the idea of pushing online gambling in Texas and Louisiana – and I agree it’s a huge possible market – the legal, political and operational issues are huge. No one in the management team has any experience in either the bar or casino markets. IMHO, politically this plan is DOA at any state level. In fact, I know someone who used to be an Attorney General for a state who oversaw statewide gaming issues. The political and lobbying efforts aside from operational oversight are too numerous to issue.
Quite frankly I was disappointed in the gloss-over approach to the question of legality. I suspect they would spend $2 million or more to litigate the idea, and by then something else will have become available for online players.

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