So Why am I Here?

by | Jan 16, 2006 | Community Circle, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Many of you will be reading my blog, asking yourself, “who is this person and why is he doing a blog?” Aside from the fact that “everyone is doing it,” the answer becomes much more complex.
1.I hope to create an ongoing dialog focusing on technology and emerging issues affecting the Houston business community. For example, last year I attended a national softball tournament with my daughter’s team and was amazed to learn that the small town of Rockford, IL. had made arrangements for us to use our wireless laptops at their city park where the tournament was played. This always-on environment made for a highly productive and exciting trip, allowing me to both work and cheer her team on (oh yeah, her team finished 17th out of 65 teams!).

Mayor White, why can’t I do that in Houston? … Judge Eckels, why can’t I do that at a county park in Harris County? This is the world our city and community competes in, and yet it seems we are sometimes late to the game. Do we have the right vision? If we have the vision, what’s keeping us from moving forward? I am sure we can stir up some things in this arena.
2.I want to develop a resource site for many of you to check with from time to time and pass on information. I view my blog as an opportunity to create a virtual referral site where you can ask questions about who to call for service, a product or a solution. I’m hopeful users of the site will find it a place to check referrals.
3.Many of our Navision customers will be directed to this site to learn about new features, releases, training and other aspects that provide opportunities and solutions. A better forum is needed for our customers to learn about how to get the most from their Navision software investment. Hopefully we can streamline their knowledge search.
4.A variety of dialog items will arise from time to time, and I’m sure we will see some interesting chats, comments and various discussion threads. We will try and not take ourselves too seriously along the way – and have some fun. We will try our best to answer questions, take your feedback and offer a forum for open, objective dialog on technology.
So let’s play ball – or whatever term you like – and see what the future holds!

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