Spring 2015 Leading Edge Magazine Now Available

by | May 13, 2015 | Community Circle, International Desk, Marketers IRL, Route to Profits®

The newest ideas, insights and perspectives you’ve come to rely on for your business are ready to be accessed any time, anywhere at LeadingEdgeMag.com/PKFTexas.
If you have topics you would like us to cover, please connect with us. As always, we enjoy receiving comments and feedback from our clients and the friends for our firm.

Spring Issue Highlights:

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Texas Business to Benefit From Panama Canal Expansion

The Panama Canal is undergoing a $5.25 billion expansion, and as the leading goods export state and metropolitan region in the US, Texas and Houston are well positioned to take advantage of the expansion. More…

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What You Need to Know About Compilations, Reviews and Audits to Obtain a Loan or Line of Credit

Many new or existing business owners seeking a loan or line of credit face may be required by the issuing financial institution to have a compilation, a financial review or an audit. We look at the differences between the three. More…
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Empowering Middle Management to Achieve Success

PKF Texas’ newest team member Andy Ray shares how he works with middle managers in order to allow C-level executives to focus is on the next big thing, instead of day-to-day operations and continuous improvement. More…

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Cubester® Chat: The Challenges Companies Face When They Recruit Young Professionals

“Mentor” is a popular buzzword in any business environment, and as an action and a title, it conveys a sense of trust and knowledge. Our Cubesters® take a look at the role of a mentor early in a career. More…

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Team First: The ingredients for building and maintaining winning teams in business   

No matter what industry you’re in or how your organization is set up, effective team-building is among the most important skills that any manager or executive can possess. More…

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Tips for Doing Business in Portugal

Portugal is a stable, developed country, but with recent economic upheaval. If you’re thinking about conducting business or running a company in Portugal, here are some things to remember. More…

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