Summer Vacations: Not Always Back to the Beach

by | Jun 21, 2006 | Community Circle, Observations

Ok – so not all of my blogs are serious and I’m not always on my soap box.
It’s summer in Houston, which means hot-as-Hades weather … but it also means summer vacation. Those days when we can get away from the world of meetings, e-mail, reports, deadlines, e-mail, the phone, e-mail – well, you get the point.
Recently, I ran across a few Web sites with some good listings on the ideal summer vacation. See what you think and send back a comment on your own fun vacations or resources for others to view.
Summer Vacation: A-Z
Best Summer Vacation Cars (why drive something you usually drive?)
Coping With Summer Vacation
Saving on Summer Vacations
One Weird Summer Vacation (It’s all here in North Carolina: Monster Truck Rides, Hillbillies and the Dinosaur Museum)

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