Thoughts on the HTC

by | Mar 12, 2008 | Community Circle, Tecknowledgy

Shortly after I was named the Chairman for the Houston Technology Center Advisory board, I was interviewed by the Houston Business Journal. The article appeared in the February 15th issue.

During the interview I discussed my thoughts about the future of the HTC which I would also like to share with you.

The change going forward is that the maturity of the organization is coming into play. For the first few years, HTC worked on establishment, credibility and more importantly survivability.

Now we’re going beyond that and want to go into the next phase of evolution and that’s how to establish a more permanent funding mechanism. It’s time to have a more longer term view of what the major initiatives we want to accomplish are and the funding mechanisms we want in place, whether they be donations, investments or contributions.

We’re trying to create a process by which a successful client company can financially help the HTC by providing a percentage of ownership in return for the mentoring and counseling provided by the HTC. We’ve had some preliminary talks and some concepts have been discussed. There’s nothing official, but there is general agreement that HTC should try to have some ownership level. More study and discussion is necessary, but we are moving closer.

Houston continues to have a lot of idea generation. We’re on top of our game in terms of promotion of new ideas. HTC is very excited about the prospects and what the future will hold in all our fields.

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