Tour Europe with Aggie 100 Winners

by | Nov 5, 2007 | Community Circle

I sat next to a very interesting couple, David and Kelly Mebane, at the Aggie 100 luncheon 2 weeks ago. They are Aggie 100 winners (#11 on the list) and own Fat Tire Bike Tours and City Segway Tours. It seems like a really great company.

The company runs bike and Segway tours in several cities across Europe including Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, and Vienna. The run tours in the U.S. as well, in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans and Washington D.C.

If you’re ever in any of these cities and have the time, be sure to check them out. If you want more information about the company or the tours here are the websites:

David and Kelly, when are you going to expand to Houston?

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