Winter 2019 Leading Edge Magazine is Now Live

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Community Circle, Cubester®, International Desk

In our continuing effort to help co-create solutions for business’ future, we offer the following ideas, insights and perspectives in the latest edition of the Leading Edge Digital Magazine. These thought leadership pieces are ready to be accessed any time, anywhere at LeadingEdgeMag.com/PKFTexas.

If you have topics you would like us to cover, contact us. As always, we enjoy receiving comments and feedback from our clients and the friends of our firm.

Winter Issue Highlights:

The Art of Delegating
Delegating is essential to good leadership, allowing executives to focus on strategy and keeping them from getting burned out. Like employees who are given a stretch assignment, leaders need to develop their delegation skills. If they take the time to communicate effectively, use a rational method for choosing staff, and motivate people to do their best, results could exceed their highest expectations. More…


The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Young Professionals
Mergers and acquisitions transactions are considered opportunities to grow businesses and strengthen profitability, though they may not always be successful. The focus is oftentimes on execution and numbers, but there are underlying impacts on employees that may not be openly discussed, or considered at all. More…
From coffee to coordinating
The admin role has come a long way. It can be argued the admin has seen evolution from its traditional heyday back in the 1950s. While one apparent change has been the title from secretary to administrative assistant, that significantly mirrors the general transformation of the job’s responsibilities and qualifications. More…

Managing Employee Turnover using Predictive Analytics
Low unemployment numbers across the nation mean businesses need to be diligent about managing employee turnover – the balance of keeping valuable employees and managing out underperformers. Additionally, the processes to recruit, hire and train a revolving workforce directly impacts the business’ ability to perform. More…

Tips for Doing Business in Slovakia
Centrally located in Europe, Slovakia has a population of 5.4 million and is approximately twice the size of New Hampshire. A member of the European Union since 2004, Slovakia adopted the Euro in 2009 and has worked to incentivize foreign investment in the country’s burgeoning economy. Here are tips for doing business in Slovakia. More…

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