Wrap-up from the GCEC – A Huge Thanks to the Rice Alliance!

by | Oct 23, 2009 | Community Circle

I was thinking the other day about what to say about the GCEC event held at Rice on October 15-17.  There were so many exciting things and I wasn’t sure what to say….Then I received this email from a participant at the Conference – Robert Fishbone from St. Louis University – and I thought I would share his comments with our blog readers….

The 2009 GCEC at Rice University–Where else could you learn the following:

“A young boy becoming a Dr. so he could become an astronaut?

Thousands and thousands of lemonade stands teaching kids about entrepreneurship?

Recently released, eloquent felons starting and growing their own businesses?

One university in Cambridge being the birthplace for bazillions of dollars in new ventures?

Almost 50 schools shamelessly bragging to each other about their innovations?

And one guy playing his tie?

Hello:  It was an eye opening experience for me to meet and listen to so many of you at GCEC 2009.  And not just those of you representing large, well established programs, but smaller universities and colleges creating, or hoping to create, an entrepreneurship center or program that speaks to their own students, and the surrounding community…challenges being met with boundless energy and really clever solutions.”

I want to thank Mr. Fishbone for his comments….I think it says it all.  If you want to ask me about his noted lines, contact me through the blog and I will share that insight with you.

Also I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the entire staff of the Rice Alliance for their tireless efforts in organizing and planning such an event.  Brad, Mary Lynn, Yanette, Sheethal, Karina, Quynhmai, and Kerri you folks are the greatest and it’s a pleasure to both work and  play with the  Rice Alliance team.  The Rice Alliance set a very, very high bar as I think this was by far the best attended and from what I heard best content ever for a GCEC event.   Several participants were blown away by the event, venue, quality of speakers and places we visited…Ok they liked the hospitality room at the Marriott too.

I learned that a lawyer can make an excellent catering and beverage executive chief; that I can land the Space Shuttle “in the Sim” (that’s Astronaut talk for you laymen); and I can fly a T-38 trainer and not crash land.
Next year’s GCEC will be at Penn State, my colleague Jen Lemanski (yep she’s one of those) will probably being going crazy to get an assignment to attend and see Joe Pa and the Nittany Lions put on a good show.

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