Cubester® Chat: Why Young Professionals Chase Job Titles

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Cubester®

What’s in a name? The PKF Texas Cubester® group has noticed a trend among young professionals – an emphasis of job titles and chasing them in order to advance careers and life. Of course, other factors influence these young professionals to move jobs – benefits, “perks,” life changes and more – but recently there seems to be an added emphasis on an elevated title.

It’s a topic which has inspired in depth discussions driven by personal experiences, so some of our cubesters wrote an article published on the Houston Business Journal website. They offer insight – their own and other sources – and analyze this trend from various perspectives:

  • Young professional employees
  • Job recruiters
  • Employers

Motivations vary across the board, but it’s an interesting conversation piece trying to understand the mindset and priorities of young professionals (or “millennials”), as well as providing insight for employers who can maintain retention.

For the full article, visit the Houston Business Journal website.

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