Guest Spotlight:Craig Abbott – Looking at ERP Provider Commercials

by | Oct 7, 2011 | Guest Spotlights, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Tecknowledgy

Consulting Solutions Manager Craig Abbott, is back, discussing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and advertising.

I was sitting in my living room last weekend watching football.  With plenty of adult beverages and chips at hand I had to sit through the commercials.  A fast paced commercial started playing with some really cool music.  It showed swimmers, sports cars, electronics and yes football.  At the end an SAP logo was flashed on the screen with the words,” Run Better.”  This reminded me of the commercial Oracle ran a year or so back with the Iron Man 2 movie.  Showing shots of computer hardware mixed in with Iron Man 2 clips and again, really cool music.  It ended with “Software, Hardware, Complete.”

Well I thought, “Darn, I have never seen a Microsoft Dynamics NAV commercial.”  So I jumped on YouTube and searched.  To my surprise, nothing came up.  How could my beloved NAV not have a cool commercial with intense music and most of all, the catchy slogan at the end?  So I immediately started to work on the slogan at least.  Look what a catchy phrase did for milk, although “Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it does a body good” does not really fit.  Neither does, “NAV the other white meat”, or “NAV, it’s what’s for dinner.”  So maybe it was okay that the good stuff was already taken.

This means I would have to write my own from scratch.  Okay, so what about, “Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the software every controller has to have.”   It does rhyme but it makes you think nursery rhyme and Mother Goose, not really cool rock music.  Maybe a Star Wars theme, “Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Rebel Alliance, Saving the Galaxy Together from the Evil Empire.”   The whole movie theme did not work either; although R2D2 would make a really sweet server and the software would run super-fast.

But what does all this mean?  Obviously many enterprise software companies think you want sleek and sexy.  In fact they are expecting you to treat the purchase of enterprise software as if you were buying a new pair of shoes or a movie ticket.  So I realized that maybe not having a commercial and well-orchestrated slogan was okay.  Business owners and managers we have helped and talked to are more interested in the functionality and cost; not race cars and cool photography with rock music.  So if you want to drive your accounting software around a winding mountain road or save the planet from bad people, call the other guys.  If you want more transparent, timely and accurate information to manage your business more profitably, call us!


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