Google Street View Captures Marketers IRL!

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Marketers IRL, Community Circle

Driving to lunch today to celebrate Houston Restaurant Weeks at Smith & Wollensky, our Practice Growth team took a shortcut through the neighborhood and ended up right behind a Google Street View car! We’re not sure what the odds are of spotting one of these, but we followed it the last half mile and maybe you’ll see my red Acura in a coming update down Drexel Drive.

If you haven’t been out yet to celebrate Houston Restaurant Weeks, or haven’t heard about it, it’s the for-charity Houston dining event where more than 170 restaurants prepare a prix fixe menu for lunch, dinner and sometimes even brunch and give a portion of proceeds to the Houston Food Bank. Established by Cleverly Stone in 2003, the website received the donation of a pro-bono new web presence done by local web developer and friend of firm ContentActive in 2012, which undoubtedly helped in raising a record $1.22MM, which provided 3.66 million meals to feed Houston’s hungry! You can dine anytime from now through September 2nd at some of the best restaurants in the city.

So how do we top a day like this? Should we add to our Marketers IRL bucket list getting spotted by the Google Street View Snowmobile or Trike? Maybe we can send a PKF Texan on their next vacation with the Street View backpack, called the Trekker? Or maybe we’ll just invite the Google Street View Trolley to visit PKF Texas and literally put us right on the map.

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