Convergence Monday Morning

by | Mar 12, 2007 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I just spent the past two hours with 8,500 of my best friends as we witnessed the keynote kick off from Doug Burgum and Satya Nadella.
Burgum’s presentation was OK but I felt he could have had some more energy to get the event kicked off. He did share some interesting bits of news.
For example he stated that in the last 50 years the human race has created more information than has been recorded since the beginning of time by man, combined.
I don’t know who does these studies, but that’s a pretty big number.

I was glad to hear Burgum also say that the human mind can only take so much new information at one time. 
One of the things that Microsoft needs to work on is training and and rollout.  I keep telling them that our customers want more and better training and yet they keep rolling out new products. Small disconnect, but I will keep working on them.
During the second part of the keynote we heard from Microsoft Vice President, Satya Nadella.
I like Satya’s style, he clearly understand’s the user’s needs and what they are requesting.

Although it was a light humor moment, a couple of demo’s didn’t quite go well and I felt bad for the people doing the presentation.
They seemed stressed.
Satya announced some other things that we learned about on Saturday
  • A new Dynamics Client for use with SharePoint.
  • A new methodology and competency process for partners and customers of Dynamics to provide for more reliable implementations.
  • The announcement of Dynamics 5.0 which will be available on March 21.
I will have more details on these items when I return to the office.

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