Data Analysis Nightmare? Not with Jet Reports!

by | Aug 3, 2009 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

One of my team members, Jim Batson, Manager in the Consulting Solutions group here at PKF Texas is a Jet Reports Certified Professional. He’s written a couple of blog entries about how using Jet Reports can help a business. Below is the second entry:

You have a highly customized business application and database. Data is flowing freely and easily. You are getting information you never thought possible. You are learning that some products make more than you thought and some are making less. You most profitable customers are actually your highest volume customers with the lowest profitability. Then, management starts with the what ifs…. Your reporting needs go through the roof. You need Ad Hoc reports, and lots of them. You need a tool that is easy to learn, easy to run, and easy to modify. Oh and one more thing, can you graph some of those reports for me? My Board is more visual and understands graphs easier. So can you graph my reports and send out the entire reporting package every week? Automatically?

If you have a headache already you’re not alone. But don’t worry we have a solution for this very requirement. Jet Reports.

We have a client that needs to keep track of animals moved from a farm and sold to a meat packer. All of the various data details and process requirements just didn’t fit with any standard ERP system.

MS Dynamics NAV was able to handle all of the special process needs and Jet Reports took care of the rest.

One management started seeing data that it never saw, the genie was out of the bottle. They wanted more and more information about their business. So much so, that the accounting manager commented “we have delivered so much value beyond what they used to see, they have become spoiled with the information produced by the reports. Jet Reports has created value they never thought possible.

Between the controller who is learning to slice and dice the data and management who always wants to see the data a new way. Jet Reports has performed beyond their expectations. Ad hoc reports; before only dreamed of are becoming a daily way of life are now a daily reality.

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