Day Two Partner Power International Conference

by | Mar 19, 2010 | Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Observations, Tecknowledgy

Wow, the second day is really quite impressive, the room will have over 130 people here and almost 20 clients and prospects of PPI are going to be in attendance.

The day was kicked off by a quick review of some thoughts and observations from Poul Kjaer.

Next up was Doug Kennedy, Vice President Dynamics Partners and Jan Sillemann, Director of Product Management for Microsoft Dynamics. Doug and I have met before at Microsoft Directions events in the past. He provided an overview on what Microsoft’s plans are for the Dynamics product lines, and other strategic areas. Jan than provided an overview of the road map for NAV, AX and CRM.

They were followed by three of PPI’s Project Managers that gave an overview of the various tools, techniques and functional items that they can bring to international ERP implementations. It was quite impressive and quite frankly, no one can match PPI’s capabilities on management and execution of successful ERP implementations on a global basis.

Then we four excellent presentations by clients of PPI that discussed their business needs and the way PPI and they worked together to achieve success. These clients included: Sony Music Group, Lechler, Norican Group, and Marionnaud. All were led by the various client personnel responsible for these engagements.

The day concluded with an evening dinner cruise on the Bosphorus, with traditional Turkish food, music, and folk dancing…..After the cruise several “younger” members went out for additional dancing at a local discothèque, while some of us more mature members returned to our hotel.

I have an early flight at 6 AM tomorrow and my long track back to Houston begins at 11 PM Thursday, Houston time.

Our hosts in Turkey were delightful and I come away with a strange sense of awe being near the source of so many historic activities 2,000 years ago!

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